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Gentoo Linux

Requirement Description
OS packages emerge -av dev-libs/nss app-misc/jq x11-misc/xsel net-misc/networkmanager net-dns/dnsmasq sys-fs/inotify-tools
USE flags nss should be emerged with at least USE="nss-pem utils". The utils flag is required to install certutil.
Nginx packages Nginx should be installed prior to using Valet Gentoo, but Valet will install it for you if not installed. Install with www-servers/nginx.
Nginx USE flags The default nginx USE flags should be fine.
PHP version PHP must be installed prior to installing Valet Gentoo. Install with emerge -av dev-lang/php ( need >= 5.6 ; specify version with emerge -av php:7.2)
PHP extensions In Gentoo, USE flags can be set to configure PHP modules. Recommended USE flags are: acl bcmath berkdb bzip2 cli ctype curl fileinfo filter fpm gd gdbm hash iconv inifile intl ipv6 json ldap mysql mysqli nls opcache pcntl pdo phar posix readline session simplexml spell ssl systemd tokenizer unicode xml xmlreader xmlrpc xmlwriter xslt zip zlib
Composer Install composer, php package manager

Regarding sudo and root user

Valet makes automatic use of sudo to perform some of its tasks. This implies that for Valet to perform correctly your user needs to be configured as a sudo user.

Please do not, under any circumstance, install valet with root or the sudo command. Kittens could die.